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Securing the sky from the ground.

In the dynamic aerospace industry, accessing and using data presents a multitude of challenges. From effectively managing and leveraging massive datasets to meeting the demand for real-time analytics, the industry faces technical requirements that extend into aerospace and development. Despite these challenges, the potential value that can be harnessed from data in this area is immense, and could be exploited by innovative solutions like Trout Software.

Deploy your Operational Hub

Secure access and speed-up troubleshooting

Streamline your troubleshooting process and minimize downtime with Trout Software's innovative platform. Experience swift and efficient root cause analysis, enabling you to quickly diagnostic and resolve issues.

Access systems difficult to reach
Easily read data from your edge systems with Trout Software technology, and define playbooks and operating procedures based on machine and systems logs. No pipeline to build, no code requirements, simple access to transfer your knowledge.
Increase collaboration between product owners, operators and support
Trout Software enables operators and support teams to leverage operating playbooks to respond to issues that may arise in their systems. Trout Software simplifies the collaboration between stakeholders by bringing everyone on - literraly - the same page.
Scale the impact of your teams through automation
Schedule your playbooks to run over time to monitor machine states and detect potential risks, from operation to cyber. Trout Software will alert your team when specified events happen, exposing the relevant playbook to apply.
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