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Streamlined Asset Discovery

Asset Discovery with Trout Software

Asset discovery in industrial environments is often riddled with obstacles. Traditional methods are complex, require hefty costs, and cumbersome management processes. Setting up data ingestion pipelines and fine-tuning configurations becomes a drawn-out endeavor. However, Trout Software introduces a transformative strategy - the no-ingest model - ensuring swift and straightforward asset discovery and monitoring.

Trout Software's Security Hub is engineered for precise asset discovery across heterogeneous environments. With a deployment time of just 24 hours, our system seamlessly integrates into your existing architecture. Critically, the Control Tower operates adjacently to your existing systems, guaranteeing no intrusion into or disruption of core operational processes.

Remote Support

Agile Discovery

Fast, browser-based, Control Tower to ensure full visibility in your environments.

Versatile and Lightweight

Trout Software's Security Hub is extraordinarily lightweight, allowing it to be easily deployed across a variety of architecture, from single rasberry pi to large servers. Having the ability to deploy flexible Control Tower across your perimeter and manage them through a browser allows to secure environments, faster.

Smart Correlation

With our proprietary on-the-fly correlation, Trout Software continuously streams signals, across system, applications and network, and vigilantly monitors the digital landscape for potential threats. The power of uninterrupted oversight means you're always a step ahead, detecting risks as they emerge, ensuring sustained, resilient operations.

Automated Detection Capabilities

By integrating and cross-referencing data from various sources, our platform minimizes the incidence of false positives, focusing solely on authentic security threats. Bolstered with advanced machine learning algorithms, our solution expedites the remediation workflow. It continually adapts from each event, fine-tuning its algorithms for precision-driven threat mitigation, ensuring robust protection in an increasingly digital landscape.

Exclusive White Paper
Agile SIEM deployments.

In today's world, the constraints of limited resources and time pressure make the deployment of SIEM solutions especially challenging.
This white paper explores key priorities for security, IT and compliance teams, focusing on an agile approach that allows for the gradual elevation of the security posture over time.👇

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