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Browser-based Reactive Management

Asset Management with Trout Software

The realm of asset management is fraught with challenges in the digital era. Persistent limitations in asset inventory systems hinder comprehensive oversight, as traditional tools grapple with the ever-evolving nature of IT and OT environments. With new devices and configurations emerging continually, maintaining an updated and holistic inventory becomes a costly task, escalating vulnerability to potential threats.

Compounding these challenges are rapidly emerging operational risks. As IT architectures grow more complex, they introduce myriad potential vulnerabilities. Simultaneously, stringent compliance standards demand rigorous documentation and timely audits. Businesses are caught in a balancing act, striving to meet evolving compliance norms while ensuring operational stability.

System Monitoring

Efficient monitoring

Fast, browser-based, Control Tower to deploy asset management in your environments.

Continuous Asset Surveillance

Trout Software offers an advanced monitoring mechanism that provides uninterrupted observation of assets across varied platforms, from network to application and systems. By interfacing directly with underlying systems, it delivers real-time asset status regardless of their infrastructure.

Dynamic Deviation Detection

Through a singular binary, devoid of agents, our solution swiftly captures and processes signals, identifying both static and dynamic anomalies. This ensures prompt automation of controls and documentation for remediation measures in event-driven scenarios.

Threat Knowledge Augmentation

Capitalizing on a robust GUI, Trout Software facilitates intuitive data access. Users can seamlessly pinpoint data and draw insights rapidly. Additionally, our platform integrates external threat intelligence, bolstering the depth and accuracy of threat detection and analysis.

Exclusive White Paper
Agile SIEM deployments.

In today's world, the constraints of limited resources and time pressure make the deployment of SIEM solutions especially challenging.
This white paper explores key priorities for security, IT and compliance teams, focusing on an agile approach that allows for the gradual elevation of the security posture over time.👇

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