Streamline Your Compliance Efforts

Compliance Automation

Compliance can be a time-consuming process, with teams jumping between products and validating that everything is set according to the initial plan. Trout Software no-code solution empowers your team to automate controls effortlessly, enabling swift collection of comprehensive compliance evidence.

As companies’ environments become increasingly complex due to digitalization, remote work, fragmented business needs, difficulty to hire,... some systems have become difficult to access and control. And with businesses growing faster every year, new systems are added, compounding complexity and putting pressure on teams. With Trout Software's notebook, streamline your compliance efforts with cutting-edge automation.

How Trout Software can help?

  • Access. Connect to many API and systems via pre-built connectors and visualize your configuration in simple table formats.
  • Prepare. Filter and transform your data to get the right information via a no-code interface, allowing you to create "views" on your business and systems.
  • Schedule. Leverage a granular scheduler to run your controls over time and detect configuration drift.
  • Document. Notebooks allow you to explain controls and what to do if a change is detected. Trout Software continuously index knowledge in notebooks and leverage machine learning models to recommend relevant content to your team.

Be everyday audit ready with Trout Software !

Configuration Drift

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