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Sidecar monitoring for dev teams.

1. dpkg -i install a sidecar with minimal footprint

2. Read logs and configurations from your application and OS, agentless

3. Accelerate your homologation and automate controls

4. No infrastructure to maintain

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Faster Security and Compliance

A sidecar to monitor your logs

A light package built for development teams, to deploy continuous controls on application and OS with a minimal footprint, detect risks and accelerate homologation efforts.


Deploy a low-impact service with just a single command line. Operating quietly in the background, it's a true 'set it and forget it' solution that requires no ongoing maintenance. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you'll receive an alert if anything goes awry.


Leveraging data streaming and normalization on read technology, continuously read logs and configuration from your filesystem, integrating them directly into your compliance and security framework. And reduce your "Time to Control" to less than two minutes.


Enhance collaboration across your organization by sharing your notebooks with compliance and security teams. Automatically provide them with the information and interface they need, fostering efficient communication and teamwork.

Sidecar Architecture

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