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Digital Industry

Scale your Security Posture by removing the manual works.

The business environment is becoming increasingly complex due to factors such as heightened digitalization, remote work, and fragmented business needs. This complexity creates difficulties in effectively monitoring and securing all systems. Additionally, the massive and rapid adoption of SaaS software by employees is expanding the security perimeter, which has become a nightmare for security teams to manage. However, ensuring the security of this long tail of software is crucial because a significant portion of attacks or data leakage can occur at this level.

Maintenance 4.0

Get visibility into your assets.

Supercharge your maintenance processes with unprecedent data, at the fingerprint of your team, to make informed decisions and proactively address maintenance needs and cyber risks.

Deploy your Operational Security Hub

Expand your security perimeter and leverage automation power

Enhance your cybersecurity posture by closely monitoring the all areas of your IT perimeter, from core services to edge applications, with the most efficient observability solution: Trout Software.

Increase your security perimeter
Monitor your entire security perimeter with Trout Software pre-built connectors to API and data lakes. Connect in a few clicks and start reading data instantly, without the need to build and maintaint ingestion pipelines.
Controls Automation
Perform a quick analysis of your data thanks to our no-code platform and then automate your control in three clicks: choose the control to automate, configure the frequency of your control, click on automate!
Continuous Security Monitoring
Ensure optimal security of your company with our control center alerting you to the slightest drift in control and providing all the history of security controls (useful for all your compliance audit)
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