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Trout Software wins an EU project call: French technology at the service of European cybersecurity

  • The European Union announced in late November 2022 a new directive (SRI2), reinforcing the previous one (SRI), in order to consolidate cybersecurity cooperation between member states and improve the management of cyber risks and incidents.
  • To support the implementation of this directive, several project calls have been published. One of them aims to create, develop, and strengthen interconnected security operation centers for increased monitoring and detection of cyber threats.
  • Trout Software, as part of this project call, has distinguished itself by becoming a strategic partner of the EU in building a resilient European cybersecurity.

Paris, June 2, 2023 - Trout Software, an innovative French company specializing in cybersecurity, is honored to announce its selection as part of a consortium of four companies (Signal Iduna, Sztaki, Sztaki) within the framework of the European Union project call, DIGITAL-ECCC-2022-CYBER-03. DIGITAL-ECCC-2022-CYBER-03. This consortium of companies is committed to an ambitious 36-month mission with a dual objective:

  • Enhancing resilience to cybersecurity challenges through faster detection and response to incidents and threats at national and European levels.
  • Promoting the sharing of knowledge and best practices through transnational platforms.

To achieve this, Trout Software leverages its cutting-edge technology combining artificial intelligence and machine learning to securely analyze fragmented systems, thus strengthening the capabilities of existing Security Operations Centers (SOCs). This project aims to create a network of partner SOCs at the European and international levels, and Trout Software is enthusiastic about supporting the scaling of these collaborations.

The company also participates in the establishment of cross-border tools, platforms, and infrastructures to securely share and analyze cybersecurity threat data between various private and public entities. Through this initiative, the European Union will be able to build a robust supply chain of Threat Intelligence and accelerate its incident response capabilities.
While the other three selected companies are responsible for implementing the technological components provided by Trout Software in their respective countries.
Winning this project call provides Trout Software with a tremendous opportunity for expansion throughout Europe, enabling the evolution of its technology through a grant and accelerating its development.

About Trout Software

Created by ex-engineers from Google, Amazon, and Tableau Software, the French startup Trout Software offers an innovative observability platform based on WebAssembly technology. This solution allows businesses to accelerate their responses to incidents, decrease their observability costs by 90%, and analyze their logs without code.
Among its prestigious clients, Trout Software counts Thales, which was able to develop its remote maintenance capabilities, identify risks related to operational technologies and cybersecurity thanks to this solution.