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Power-Packed Features for Swift Playbook Deployment.

Trout Software leverages a breakthrough technology - WebAssembly - to read and expose logs from many different machine, in a few clicks, without the need for preliminary ingestion.
Trout Software platform gives operators the ability to manipulate data in front of them without code, and find the right insights to fuel decisions.
Codify operating and troubleshooting procedures that operators on-site can then apply. Customize to capture “last mile” specificities and build your specific knowledge base.
Trout Software allows you to schedule checks to monitor your machine and services state over time and detect potential risks 24/7.

Fastest path to visibility

Correlate and decipher your heterogeneous systems data.

Supercharge your monitoring by exposing machine data to your team, to make informed decisions and proactively address operation excellence and cyber risks.

Reduce your time to response

Accelerate your team with machine data

  • Connect in a few clicks:
    Connect any types of systems/environments to Trout Software platform using pre-built connectors, exposing data from raw system files, to API and datalake storage.
  • Reduce data pipeline:
    Don’t build ingestion pipeline and directly analyze the data where it is, allowing you to save hundred of hours in custom builds and maintenance of clunky workflows. Trout Software performs normalization on read and parsing on demand.
  • Import Data Files:
    Drag & drop custom files - csv, txt, log, json,... - to enrich any analysis, allowing your team to easily bridge the gap between silo's of data.
Access data

From data rich to insight rich

No-code log analysis

  • Explore any data:
    See data from any systems in a table view and allow your team to explore the signals in front of them to find the right insights, without code.
  • Codify queries:
    Build no-code queries quickly and store them to effectively run your investigation in the future and respond faster to breaks.
  • Empower your team:
    Give your operators the ability to access the signals faster, and remove one of the biggest blockers in their operation flows: getting the data they need, when they need it.
No Code

Set up an automation in 3 clicks

Knowledge that scales

  • Automate Playbooks:
    In three clicks, specify which playbooks you want to schedule and make it run over time to detect drift and potential risks ; allowing you to deploy 24/7 assets monitoring.
  • Centralize investigations:
    Every investigations run through Trout Software is indexed and searchable allowing your team to tap into their own knowledge base, allowing you to remove the gap between documentation and actions.
  • Collaborate:
    Share notebooks with the relevant teams, on and off-site, with a solution that ensure a simple and secure access to data ; allowing your team to go faster, securely.
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