Industries Background


Drive industrial excellence by harnessing the intelligence hidden within your logs.

The industrial sector is embracing Industry 4.0, which creates connected and intelligent industries powered by technologies such as machine learning and IoT. These innovations enable companies to improve their processes, perform predictive maintenance, and detect problems early through machine-generated data. However, these opportunities are currently underutilized due to the complexity of data processing. Trout Software's enables the fast and efficient analysis of industrial data, allowing companies to leverage the opportunities of connected factories.

Deploy your Operational Hub

Optimize the efficiency of your operational processes with machine logs.

Perform efficient and fast logs analysis with our innovative and unique solution: Trout Software. Reduce the troubleshoot time of your machines, increase the preventive maintenance, optimize your processes.

Empower Operators with No-Code Tools
Perform your analyses simply by connecting your data via our pre-built connectors, then analyze your data with our no-code tools: parsing, on-demand normalization, double-click value pivot, queries construction, keyword search bar.
Increase Collaboration with IT, Support and Operations Teams
Allow your IT, on-site operators and external support teams to collaborate on a playbook for the most accurate logs analysis possible, on a simple and secure platform.
Smart(er) operating procedures
Accelerate your operation with connected playbook, bridging the gap between logs and operating procedures, allowing you to go beyond visual queues. All playbooks are centralized, allowing operators to search through them and capitalize on previous operations..
Trout Software for Digital Companies

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