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Cybersecurity in the Industrial Sector: Tackling the new downtime.

In the manufacturing sector, the transition to Industry 4.0 has brought about unparalleled connectivity and intelligence. However, with this evolution comes the intricate challenge of managing vast amounts of unstructured machine logs, elevating the importance of cybersecurity.

Simple "three-cables" install

A packaged solution to tackle cybersecurity risks

We provide a straightforward hardware box that acts as your cybersecurity guard. This device packs our proprietary software in entreprise-grade hardware, allowing to tackle many cyber threat vectors in one solution.

Unified Monitoring
Achieve unparalleled oversight with a single tool that seamlessly integrates network, application, and system monitoring. This consolidation ensures that every aspect of your site is under constant surveillance, providing you with increased visibility and real-time insights.
Secure connectivity
Rely on enterprise-grade hardware that's built to last. With an embedded firewall and a zero-trust access point, our solution is designed to ward off potential threats at every turn, ensuring that your operations remains uncompromised.
State of the Art detection capabilities
Leverage hundred of pre-built detection rules to deploy best in class detections from day one. Our software continuously correlates logs and packets, and machine learning models to remove noisy alerts and raise actionable detections.
Security hub hardware