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On-Premise Monitoring

On-Premise monitoring with Trout Software

In highly restricted environments, such as defense facilities, sensitive government installations, critical infrastructure applications, accessing and monitoring application can pose significant challenges. Trout Software offers a comprehensive on-premise monitoring solution that addresses these hurdles. Our unique intellectual property allows customers to deploy a light solution and seamlessly read data from multiple systems without the need to build and maintain ingestion pipelines. Automate detections, and empower organizations to achieve more with less.

Security Monitoring

Lightweight Log Monitoring Solution

Fast, browser-based, log monitoring for on-premise deployments

Resource optimization

By leveraging automation and intelligent data processing, our solution allows organizations to achieve more with fewer resources, optimizing operational efficiency and reducing the burden on personnel.

On-read normalization

Leveraging our unique intellectual property, our solution can seamlessly read data from a wide range of systems, regardless of their formats or protocols, providing a unified view of critical operations.

Automated detections

From simple log rules to advanced algorithms, our solution automates the detection of anomalies, security threats, and performance issues, enabling swift action and response.

Exclusive White Paper
Agile SIEM deployments.

In today's world, the constraints of limited resources and time pressure make the deployment of SIEM solutions especially challenging.
This white paper explores key priorities for security, IT and compliance teams, focusing on an agile approach that allows for the gradual elevation of the security posture over time.👇

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