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Trout Software for Operations Teams

Discover why operations teams trust Trout Software to reduce troubleshooting times via simplified observability.

Reduce downtimes

Increase visibility for your procedures

Trout Software streamlines team collaboration and accelerates troubleshooting tasks with an intuitive, no-code tool, boosting efficiency in dynamic industrial settings.

  • Increased Observability on your assets:
    See logs from your assets in a table view and allow your team to explore the signals in front of them to find the right insights, without code.
  • Automate controls:
    Automate your playbooks in 3 clicks to control your assets 24/7 and receive notification for specific machine events, allowing you to detect more, earlier.
  • Seamless teams collaboration:
    Trout Software playbooks are exchange spaces, allowing your team on and off-site to share knowledge and procedures. If needed, your team can easily escalate a notebook to a given support team, including machine logs.
Trout Software For Operation Teams

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