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Professional Services

Cybersecurity, data analysis and automation are difficult topics, evolving at a tremendous pace. "What are the right organization, strategy and tools for this use case?" is a question we often hear. Trout Software packaged some core services to help our customers get tailored services that fits their needs.

Companies are facing numerous challenges when it comes to cybersecurity and data projects, and often do not have the resources to handle new coming technologies and tackle moving targets.

Trout Software professional service offering is structured in practices:

  • Security Audit. Connect to a given infrastructure, run security audits following the NIST framework, and deliver results and recommendations. The notebooks delivered can then be automated to monitor configuration drift over time and bring knowledge in-house.
  • Monitoring Implementation. Work alongside our team of expert to deploy lightweight monitoring capacities on IT and OT use cases.
  • Process automation. Tackle underperforming or latent data-driven business use cases with software and service. Automate solutions to scale to the pace of your business.

Leverage external expert on specific topic - cybersecurity, data process automation - to speed up your business and solve core challenges, with flexiblity.

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