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Security Investigation

Compelling investigation with data, APIs and collaboration.

Challenge: Security investigations require jumping between complex environments and systems to get the full comprehension of an issue. Too often, individuals and teams are left to rely on a subset of tools, missing the complete picture. With so much going on, it's easy for things to get out of hand, and end up stuck between tackling the next alerts or documenting what happened and building your company's knowledge base.

Solution: Trout integrates storage and security providers within one platform, so you can manipulate data, query environments and APIs through one single notebook. Overall, save up to 80% in investigation time by bringing artifacts directly into the investigation report.
Collaboration is front and center; bring your team and engage everyone in the best way possible based on their skills and knowledge.
Finally, it's all about learnings. With Trout, you centralize past investigations into a searchable platform and can compound knowledge as your organization matures.
In today's complex and ever-changing environment, it's essential that employees have access to a single, comprehensive security investigation tool that can seamlessly move between environments and systems.

Data features
Click to transform
Drag and drop
Joins across data sources
Just in time parsing
IP ranges
Time zone conversions
Multi-users notebook
User impersonification

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