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Expand observability within your environment, from IT to OT, and implement control automation that provides robust protection while optimizing efficiency.

Increase your observability

Scale your Security Posture

Despite heavy investment in security tools, on average businesses only centralize and control 60% of their company's security data. Trout Software provides a radically different approach based on: 1. no ingest, 2. simple notebooks, which make it possible to increase your coverage, and increase your team's speed.

  • Increased Observability:
    Trout Software has developed a set of pre-built connectors enabling you to quickly connect to all your systems (Saas, datafiles, database...) in less than a minute. All this is done without ingestion, for maximum efficiency.
  • Accelerate your security investigations:
    Start to read raw signals efficiently with our no-code observability solution. Parse on demand, create pivot, build queries, perform keyword research in just a few clicks, without the need for a single line of code.
  • Automate your security controls:
    Create controls from your analysis and automate them with Trout Software's integrated platform, allowing you to scale your detection across your footprint. Tie detection and investigation to reduce the noise, and provide your response team information on how to react to alerts.
Trout Software For Security Teams

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