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Discover Your Ideal Splunk Alternative: Scalable, Flexible and Easy to Use.

Are you tired of spending countless hours building ingestion pipelines and managing configurations? Look no further than Trout Software, the best splunk alternative.

Key Benefits

Expose and correlate your machine data - logs - without the need to build ingestion pipelines and parsers. Trout Software offers a new and improved log observability tool to monitor systems that is quicker, easier, and more effective.

Lightweight Implementation.
With Trout Software, you can bid farewell to cumbersome agents and bloated systems. Our innovative no-ingest paradigm allows for analyzing event logs from many data source. By removing the complexities associated with ingestion pipelines and data collection, Trout Software saves you valuable time and resources.
Streamlined User Experience.
Forget about sifting through endless lines of code or deciphering complex configurations. Our easy-to-use interface helps you easily explore your data and find valuable insights by simply pointing and clicking. Enjoy a hassle-free experience that puts the power of data at your fingertips.
Enhanced Collaboration.
Our collaboration tools allow team members to easily access log data on different platforms, regardless of file systems, log files or formats. With Trout Software, collaboration becomes a breeze, fostering better communication and faster issue resolution.
Continuous Detection Capabilities.
Stay one step ahead of potential problems with Trout Software's continuous detection capabilities. Create custom detections rules and identify issues faster to make your system work better, and respond faster to potential issues.

Requires less resources

Lightweight Implementation

  • Data connectors:
    Connect any types of systems/environments to Trout Software platform using pre-built connectors, exposing data from raw system files, to API and datalake storage.
  • RBAC:
    Secure access to different security data in your environment, with features like anonimization based on role, ensuring that the right users have the right level of information.
  • Import Data Files:
    Drag & drop custom files - csv, txt, log, json,... - to enrich any analysis, allowing your team to easily bridge the gap between silo's of data.
Access data

From data rich to insight rich

No-code log analysis

  • Explore data in a few clicks:
    See data from any systems in a table view and allow your team to explore the signals in front of them to find the right insights, without code.
  • Codify queries:
    Build no-code queries quickly and continuously apply them to your data streams, allowing you to detect potential risks earlier.
  • Empower your team:
    Give your team the ability to access information faster, and remove one of the biggest blockers in their operation flows: writting queries.
No Code

Set up an automation in 3 clicks

Knowledge that scales

  • Automate Playbooks:
    In three clicks, specify which playbooks you want to schedule and make it run over time to detect drift and potential risks ; allowing you to deploy 24/7 assets monitoring.
  • Centralize investigations:
    Every investigations run through Trout Software is indexed and searchable allowing your team to tap into their own knowledge base, allowing you to remove the gap between documentation and actions.
  • Collaborate:
    Share notebooks with the relevant teams, on and off-site, with a solution that ensure a simple and secure access to data ; allowing your team to go faster, securely.
Access data

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