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Reduce your time to response by unlocking secure data access to your support teams, and collaboration between operators and support.

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Accelerate your support teams

Support teams often struggle to access the information they need, including situational logs, resulting in a lack of context and hindering their ability to provide effective support. Trout Software solves that problem with a platform that offers secure and lightweight access to logs. This breakthrough approach significantly enhances problem understanding, facilitates faster issue resolution, and ultimately leads to improved customer satisfaction.

  • Increased Observability:
    Trout Software leverages WebAssembly technology to securely create pointers where the relevant data is, and expose all these informations in a table view to the support teams.
  • Accelerate your troubleshooting:
    Support teams can respond to issues faster, merging their knowledge of the systems, as well as data coming from the customers, and what's happening on their side.
  • Scale your support:
    Create automated triggers to detect early signs, and codify your teams response to solve issues faster, and increase your customers satisfaction. All cases are centralized and indexed, allowing your team to build a knolwedge base over time, and get better, as a group.
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