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System Monitoring

Traditional observability solutions can be complex, expensive, and difficult to manage. Building ingestion pipeline, managing configurations can be time-consuming. Trout Software leverages a different paradigm - no-ingest - to allow faster and simpler system monitoring.

Traditional logging solutions have long been the go-to solution for many organizations to monitor system performance, errors, and other important metrics. However, these solutions can be complex, expensive, and difficult to manage. In many instances, traditional logging feels like overkill, and is difficult to retrofit in existing applications.

Trout Software leverages a different approach to allow faster and simpler monitoring.

  • Flexible Read. Trout Software enables seamless access to log data across multiple platforms, regardless of the underlying file system or operating system: from filesystem to storage, and APIs, create a pointer and start analyzing data on the spot.
  • Light. One binary, no agent, and a packaged solution to read signals, automate controls and document what to do in case things break.
  • No-Code. Leverage a powerfull GUI to point and click to data in front of you and get to insights faster.

Trout Software provides a flexible and efficient monitoring solution that can be adapted to different use cases, ranging from simple applications to highly secure environments with high data contraints. Its advanced exploration and automation features allow for quick identification and resolution of issues, resulting in improved system performance, faster response times, and savings time spent in manual tasks.

System Monitoring

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