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PLC Data Monitoring with Trout Software

As industrial automation continues to advance, PLC data monitoring becomes a pivotal business development opportunity. Factors like increased mobility, a desire for operational excellence, and growing industrial automation drive this trend. Trout Software's platform presents a robust solution, offering simple and secure access to data across multiple systems from your factory floor, unlocking oepration excellence and cybersecurity monitoring across your systems.

A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is a dedicated computer engineered to control and command machinery or electro-mechanical devices. Designed to withstand harsh conditions that could damage typical computers, such as extremes of temperature, dust, or physical impacts, PLCs can function in real-time environments. Equipped with numerous ports for communicating with a variety of systems - from analog devices and sensors to switches and motors - these controllers are indispensable for operating, monitoring, and maintaining control systems in industrial automation settings.

Trout Software technology provides a lightweight solution, accessible through any browser, to securely access your PLC data and tap into this gold-mine of signals:

  • Versatile and Lightweight.
    Trout Software's Operation Hub is extraordinarily lightweight, allowing it to be easily deployed across a variety of architecture, from single rasberry pi to large servers. This ensures seamless integration with existing PLC systems and guarantees low-resource consumption, contributing to the efficient running of your industrial processes.
  • Data Access.
    With our Operation Hub, access your PLC data faster than ever before. The platform prioritizes unlocks read-only, real-time access to data, ensuring that your teams are always updated about the status and performance of their machinery.
  • Automated Detection Capabilities.
    Trout Software Operation Hub is not just a passive monitoring tool; it's an active system that can automate detection processes. By identifying trends and issues 24/7, your team can automatically trigger necessary actions, allowing for preventive measures, less downtime, and enhanced operational efficiency.

Trout Software's Operation Hub plays a pivotal role in streamlining the handling of PLC data. By reading data from your PLC systems, Trout Software approach provides the lightest approach to monitor your systems across your factory floor. Only the results of each query are stored, providing your a track record of your machine states and action that your team might have taken.
Moreover, the platform’s web-based remote monitoring capability allows for concurrent access to real-time control system information, directly from a web browser. This means multiple users can simultaneously view equipment status on the same dashboard without any performance issues, fostering team collaboration and coordination.

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