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Maximize the value of your raw data: achieve Operational Excellence with Trout Software's no-code, collaborative platform.

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Domain Expertise

Data is the lifeblood of companies today, yet 72% of it stay unused. Discover how Trout Software helps companies across industries get instant observability and create value of their raw data.

How does Trout Software work?

Get instant observability


Connect to your system

Trout Software leverages a breakthrough technology - WebAssembly - to read and expose logs from any machine and systems, drastically lowering the “cost of visibility” of assets. No need to build and maintain custom log pipelines anymore.


No Code

A no-code interface to manipulate data in table format and quickly identify the right insights and context. Drag and drop files to supplement context and bridger the IT to OT gap.



Schedule your playbooks and allow your team to scale: achieve 24/7 monitoring, integrate alerts in your operators workflow, and record past run for tracability and compliance purpose.


Now What?

Codify operating procedures to provide a fast, accurate response, either from on-site operators or remote support team, with now a simple and secure access to signals they need.

Trout Software Operation Hub

Empower your Operators with data and knowledge

Trout Software allows your team or external stakeholders to access the data they need, and collaborate on operating procedures. Codifying response in a central "no-code operation hub" allows you to scale your operation to more talents, and create a positive fly-wheel effect, compounding your organization knowledge.

  • - Start with codified operating procedures

  • - Increment over time with additional data points in each intervention

  • - Leverage machine learning to find the relevant content and similarities

  • - Control and grow your knowledge base

Remote monitoring OT7

🔥🔥 US-Lab

Montreal Center Radar

🔥🔥🔥 monitoring, DCI, SkyBlue

PLC Authentication Monitoring


IT/OT Conversion Factory Patagonia

🤖 Patagonia, OT Mapping

CRM App monitoring

🤖 App, Marketing

Security Group Change - 4737

😅 AWS, Permission

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