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Remote Support

On the backbone of COVID 19, remote monitoring is a key development opportunity for businesses, driven by factors such as growing industrial automation, the need for increased mobility, and the desire for asset excellence in process industries. Trout Software platform unlocks secure access to data across systems and monitored collaboration between entities, unlocking unprecedent value for businesses.

Remote support can present a number of challenges for both the support team and the end user. With problems ranging from communication, as it can be difficult to convey technical instructions and troubleshoot issues effectively without being in the same physical location, to security, and the ability to control who sees what and when. This can lead to misunderstandings, delays, frustration, and business losses.

Trout Software technology provides a lightweight solution to securely access data and allow remote-troubleshooting through core features:

  • Governance.
    Trout Software connects to existing authentication and permission systems to ensure the right users can access specific data, and applies intelligent protection - such as anonymization, redaction - based on user-level policies.
  • Collaboration.
    Leverage collaborative notebooks to document investigation and bring all stakeholders literally on the same page.
  • Data Transformation.
    Benefit from no-code data transformation to quickly identify root cause, across systems and stakeholders.
  • Monitoring.
    Define controls through notebook and automate them via Trout Software's scheduler to keep visibility on systems through time.

Trout Software offers a light solution to the difficult topic of remote-support, focused on unlocking safe remote data access, and efficient collaboration between operation and IT teams. Our software helps companies like Thales optimize their remote support and bring value to their customers.

Remote Support

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