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Security Monitoring

Despite heavy investment in security tools, on average businesses only centralize and control 60% of their company's security data, leaving a significant gap in the organization's ability to detect and respond to threats. Trout Software provides a different solution to monitor logs, allowing companies to query their data wherever they are, without the need to ingest-normalize-centralize.

Trout Software technology provides a lightweight solution to deploy security controls across silo's, by only reading machine data, and avoiding to build and maintain data pipelines.

  • Connect.
    Leverage pre-built connectors to filesystem, SAAS, databases,... to connect to many systems in less than a minute.
  • Light.
    One simple and light solution to read signals from many sources, automate processing and apply controls.
  • Automated detections.
    From simple log rules to advanced algorithms, our solution automates the detection of anomalies, security threats, and performance issues, enabling swift action and response.

Trout Software allow businesses to get visibility in their entire footprint, via a discrete agile approach. Put new systems under control in days and scale your security controls across your footprint to thrive in the digital age.

Security Monitoring

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