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Simplified cybersecurity surveillance

Trout Software's Cyberbox is a simple, on-site installation that works either as a standalone firewall or behind your current ones. It continuously monitors your network, applications, and systems, offering round-the-clock cybersecurity protection.

Last Mile Security Appliance

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Simplified Security Appliances

Trout Software offers streamlined security appliances designed for ease of integration within existing industrial environments. Three cables later, our cyberbox are covering a range of use case:

How does Trout Software work?

Packaged Cyber Appliance

Deploy cybersecurity appliances - phyiscal box or virtualized - embedding our unique intellectual property and continuously monitor your environments, detect risks, and remediate them through operational playbooks.


Fast Installation

Designed for a straightforward integration, our hardware appliance requires just three cable connections (2 ethernet, one power).


Dynamic Asset Visibility

Employing advanced algorithms and streaming mechanisms, our system offers in-depth insights into every node within your perimeter — from machinery to software applications.


Detection and Efficient Remediation

Our system includes over 70,000 detection capabilities, ensuring comprehensive monitoring and protection against a wide range of threats. Alerts trigger notebooks that are actionable for on-the-ground operators, bridging the ever-present IT/OT operational chasm.


Zero Trust Overlay Network

Our modern cybersecurity solution adds a Zero Trust layer to your system without requiring rewiring. This improves threat detection by analyzing network traffic in detail, leading to smarter, more specific threat responses.

Trout Software Operation Hub

Protect Your Industrial Environments Today.

Industrial environments face unique security challenges, making them vulnerable to a variety of cyber threats. With Trout Software packaged and simple security appliance, gain immediate and effective protection, minimizing risks without delay.