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Security and Observability

Simple and agile approach to secure your assets: secure your digital perimeters, respond to threats quickly, and ensure always-on compliance.

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Domain Expertise

Trout Software's innovative technology is designed to rapidly analyze signals wherever they are and apply correlation on the fly. This unique approach not only facilitates faster deployment but also significantly reduces overhead, offering a more nimble and efficient method for implementing security and compliance controls.

How does Trout Software work?

Control Tower Architecture

Our unique intellectual property enables the deployment of a Control Tower in various environments with a light footprint (just a few CPUs). This software streams signals from assets and applications, instantly correlates them, and identifies potential risks.


Fast Installation

Experience unparalleled ease with our solution's swift setup. Within less than a day, seamlessly install a control tower in designated environment, ensuring rapid security coverage. Our software reads from your systems, ensuring there is no impact and potential disruption on your processes.


Continuous Controls

Our system thrives on real-time efficiency. With on-the-fly correlation, it continuously streams signals, vigilantly monitoring the digital landscape for potential threats. The power of uninterrupted oversight means you're always a step ahead, detecting risks as they emerge, ensuring sustained, resilient operations.


Solution Oriented

By correlating multiple data sources, our system significantly reduces false positives, ensuring only genuine threats are flagged. Further enhanced with machine learning, our solution accelerates remediation processes, learning from every interaction to refine and optimize threat response, granting you peace of mind in a digital age.

Trout Software Operation Hub

Fastest solution to secure your environment.

Trout Software stands apart with its unique in-browser correlation capabilities. By effortlessly tapping into diverse data streams across your landscapes, we identify potential risks and suggest immediate corrective actions. Experience the advantage of sidestepping traditional challenges—no need for constructing data pipelines or installing agents.

  • - Identify assets in your perimeter

  • - Validate applications, system and firewall configurations

  • - Monitor logs for risky behaviors

  • - Control and grow your incident response base

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