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Ad hoc enrichment of IT data with your business context

Challenge: Security weaknesses often appear at the junction of IT and OT, and most teams struggle to merge OT context back into their IT data. For example, in the event of an alert, organizations want to know which employees were working on that project, machine, network, and at what time... However, it's often difficult to get that complete picture without building complex and difficult to maintain pipelines.

Solution: By providing the analyst with the freedom to choose from a variety of storage and data format options, Trout allows them to enrich the data in front of their eyes with valuable business context: validate logins against a list of current and former employees, drag and drop a csv with external maintenance schedule, correlate network patterns with your partner list, and so much more.

Core features
Click to transform
Drag and drop
Joins across data sources
Just in time parsing
IP ranges
Time zone conversions
Drag and drop joins

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